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Downey Unmarried Parents Rights Attorney

Downey Attorney Advises Unmarried Parents On Rights and Responsibilities

Whether they are married or unmarried, the state expects parents to support and care for their children. The other side of this coin is that parents, whether married or unmarried, have parental rights unless a court terminates those rights. Fathers in particular often seek out legal counsel in an unmarried parent scenario. They may want custody or visitation. They may want information on child support obligations.

If your girlfriend or former girlfriend is pregnant or recently gave birth and you need advice on how to assert your parental rights, avoid paying excess child support or pursue partial or full custody of the child, contact an experienced Downey unmarried parents' rights lawyer. On the other hand, if you are the mother and desire help and representation while establishing parental rights including orders for custody, visitation and child support, contact the Law Offices of Eugene M. Siegel.

The Law Offices of Eugene M. Siegel is a family law firm with a great deal of experience and a track record of positive outcomes in unmarried parent custody and support cases. We are a family law firm serving parents in communities such as Downey, Norwalk and Whittier. We assist and answer questions for unmarried parents, Child support, custody, visitation and special situations or concerns are among our areas of focus. We can provide the answers that you need and help you protect you and your child's best interests through custody and support negotiations.

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Contact us online or at 562-862-7541 weekdays between 8:00 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. to learn about all of your rights and entitlements under the California Laws and Statutes as it applies to legal matters and discuss family law concerns with a California attorney. We offer Saturday afternoon appointments upon request. Our office is located on the corner of Florence and Downey Avenue. Free parking is available.