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Downey Contract Dispute Lawyer

"Contract dispute" is an overly general term used to describe a wide range of fact scenarios involving individuals or businesses that entered into an agreement. A contract in a private or business dispute may be an agreement such as the following:

  • Purchase and/or sale of real estate
  • A lease of residential or commercial property
  • A sale of equipment or machinery
  • A service agreement
  • An agreement to sell or buy goods
  • A loan of money
  • Mechanics Liens

A complaining party to an agreement might seek fulfillment of a contract taking a number of forms:

  • Money owed
  • Services to be rendered
  • Repairs to be made
  • Goods to be delivered

Sometimes calling a California lawyer is the best or only way for someone located in the state to resolve a difficult contract dispute. The Law Offices of Eugene M. Siegel is a trusted Downey civil litigation law firm with many past successes. Damages may include the actual cost of services, repairs or goods plus attorneys' fees.

Norwalk Contract Litigation Attorney

Contact us online or at 562-862-7541 weekdays between 8:00 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. to learn about all of your rights and entitlements under the California Laws and Statutes as it applies to legal matters and discuss a contract dispute with an experienced Norwalk or Downey contract dispute attorney. We offer Saturday appointments upon request. Our office is located on the corner of Florence and Downey Avenue. Free parking is available.