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Downey Breach of Contract Attorney

Parties to contracts made in California sometimes need legal counsel on how to proceed when the other party or parties are not fulfilling the other side of the contract. Typically, one party agrees to pay for goods or services that the other party pledges to provide. If you paid for goods or services that you did not receive, or if you provided goods or services you were not paid for, talk to a lawyer who handles breach of contract cases.

The Law Offices of Eugene M. Siegel advises and represents clients throughout Los Angeles and Orange County in breach of contract cases. Our clients' cases often involve issues such as these:

  • A contractor does a sub-standard job in a building or remodeling project.
  • Because a contractor's workmanship was off the mark, you ended up asking him to leave and hiring another contractor to finish the job.
  • You did not receive all goods or services that you paid for.
  • The goods or services that you expected and contracted for were replaced with inferior versions.
  • One party to a contract never intended to misrepresent promised goods or services.

A contract may be a formal, notarized document or it may be a handwritten note or verbal agreement. If another party did not comply with his or her end of what the two of you agreed to, and you sustained losses, talk to an attorney.

Downey Breach of Contract Lawyer · Norwalk Contract Dispute Lawyer

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