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Limited Scope Representation

At the Law Offices of Eugene M. Siegel, we offer Limited Scope Representation. This may be a new concept, so let's explain exactly what it is. Limited Scope Representation is sometimes called unbnding. It means, basically, that the attorney will do some parts of the cilent's case, and the client will do the other parts. The attorney may coach a client on what needs to be done - for instance, how to prepare documents, or maybe the attorney will review the client prepared documents before tehy are submitted. Maybe the client will prepare financial documents, while the attorney prepares documents to be filed in court. The client will only be billed for the parts of the case which were handled by the attorney.

Here are some benefits - for both the attorney and the client - of Limited Scope Representation:

For the attorney:

  • Provides a valuable service which many other firms do not provide
  • Pay as you go
  • Increased % of returning clients
  • Some cases will turn into full-service cases
  • Regular hourly rates

For the client:

  • Legal assistance and guidance from a pro.
  • Pay as you go
  • More control
  • Collaborating with an professional
  • Money savings